Flea Market Adventures for Kids

Discover Engaging Flea Market Adventures for Kids This Summer

Summer is an exciting time for both kids and parents in Houston. School is out, the weather is perfect, and there are endless opportunities for family outings and entertainment. One of the best places to spend a summer day with your children is at a local flea market.

With rides, food, and special events, Traders Village offers hours of fun for kids of all ages. In this blog, we’ll explore some kid-friendly activities waiting for your family this summer at Traders Village, the biggest weekend flea market in the state.

Amusement Park Rides: Thrills and Fun for the Whole Family

Are you looking for exciting but kid-friendly activities? Search no further. Traders Village offers an impressive selection of fun rides in Houston. There’s something for everyone! Below are some of the rides you’ll find on your visit:

The Flea Fall

Suitable for bigger kids and teens, this drop ride delivers an incredible adrenaline rush. Passengers are seated in a round gondola and lifted 128 feet in the air. Once it reaches the top, the gondola is released in a free fall that can go up to 45 mph.


This ride is similar to The Flea Fall but designed for kids of all ages. The tower is much shorter at 28 feet, but the mechanics are the same: passengers are lifted to the top of the tower on a gondola, which is released and allowed to free fall.

Trackless Train

All aboard! This beautiful, colorful train is a fun and versatile attraction that offers a unique way for riders of all ages to tour Traders Village. It’s perfect for train-loving kids and their parents or guardians who want to take a break from walking!


Who doesn’t love carousels? Our classic 2022 American Carousel is ideal for younger children who might not be ready for the more intense rides. With their brightly colored horses, enchanting music, and slow pace, carousels are a favorite among the little ones.

Bumper cars are always a hit with kids and kids-at-heart. Little ones will love taking the wheel and trying to bump their friends and family around the track.

The Rumpus Room

This padded playground provides plenty of opportunities for kids to climb, jump, run and play tag safely. Children can enjoy making up games and exploring The Rumpus Room while older family members and parents enjoy beverages and snacks at nearby concession stands.

Food Stands: Tasty Treats to Fuel Your Adventure

All that riding, shopping, and exploring can work up an appetite, and Traders Village has various food stands serving treats to satisfy your cravings. From classic fair snacks like pretzels, funnel cakes and corn dogs to refreshing smoothies, ice cream and shaved ice, there’s plenty to please even the pickiest eater.

Kid Events in Houston: Flea Market Fun Beyond the Rides and Food

Traders Village hosts special events throughout the summer that add to the excitement.  It often hosts themed days, spotlighting different vendors, activities and special offers. From cosplay and costume contests to art installations and festivals, there’s an event for every interest.

Here are some of the shows and themed celebrations you and your family can look forward to in the summer:

Cinco de Mayo Celebration

Experience Mexican culture and cuisine at Traders Village’s Cinco de Mayo fiesta! On May 5, from 12 pm to 5 pm, you can enjoy live music, delicious tacos and tasty drinks. This event also provides a wonderful opportunity to teach children about Mexican culture and traditions!

Texas All-Star Wrestling

Kids can immerse themselves in the electrifying world of wrestling at this exciting event, with live matches that showcase Texas wrestling stars’ incredible athleticism and showmanship. What’s more, admission is free!

Have a Fun-filled Adventure at Traders Village This Summer

A trip to a Texas flea market this summer is guaranteed to provide an exciting time for kids and adults alike. With thrilling rides, delicious food, and kid-friendly activities, you and your family can make lasting memories while supporting local businesses and craftspeople. So pack some sunscreen, grab your camera and head to Traders Village Houston for a summer adventure you won’t forget.