Explore the Thrill of the Amusement Rides at Traders Village Houston

Explore the Thrill of the Amusement Rides at Traders Village Houston

Traders Village is the go-to weekend hub for families. It blends shopping, delicious food, and exciting amusement park rides.  As Houston’s largest and most visited flea marketplace, it caters to all ages and interests, ensuring something delightful for everyone.

From timeless classics to gravity-defying thrills, let’s explore the top Traders Village Houston rides that will keep the entire family smiling all day!

The Fleafall

This isn’t your ordinary drop tower! Imagine loading into a round gondola with your fellow adventurers. Gradually ascending to a towering height of 128 feet, the gondola is then released at free-fall speeds exceeding 45 mph. The slow climb and the exhilarating descent make it one of the most electrifying amusement rides in Houston!

Pharaoh’s Fury

Get ready for the ride of a lifetime with Pharaoh’s Fury! Featuring a masthead inspired by the legendary King Tut, this exhilarating attraction swings like a pendulum, racing back and forth in a towering five-story arc high above our expansive 100+ acre market. If you’re looking for an adrenaline-pumping adventure, this amusement ride in Houston is a must-try!

Star Dancer

Get ready for a thrill with the Star Dancer, a showstopper among the fun rides in Houston! This ride combines a carousel, a gondola wheel and a summit to the top of an 80-foot tower. The carousel slowly rotates as it takes you on a slow and steady ascent, giving you an epic panoramic view of the market and metroplex area. At the peak, both the tower and ring spin, creating an unforgettable experience that’ll leave you breathless!


This no-holds-barred quest makes the ultimate fun ride in Houston. This ride is tailored for all ages. You need to hold on tight and keep your eyes wide open as it launches you to the summit of a 28-foot tower. Feel the thrill of free-falling to earth, only to be lifted and dropped repeatedly! Riders that are as tall as 36 inches and up are welcome, accompanied by a chaperone 48 inches and up.

Jumping Jumbos

Hop aboard the Jumping Jumbos – a mini safari for the little ones! This ride features a parade of eight flying elephants guided by a conductor mouse at its central point. With each spin, it whisks your little ones away on a whimsical journey!


The Yo-Yo is a gravity-defying ride that swings you in thrilling circles! Feel the pulsating energy as you whirl around in a 73-foot diameter circle, with the ride’s arms tilting 10 degrees for an extra high-flying sensation. This ride promises a memorable experience as it blends speed and the joy of flight.

Trackless Family Train

Hop aboard the Dream Train, one of the best kid-friendly Traders Village Houston rides. This trackless wonder accommodates up to 24 children and sweeps you on a relaxing ride around the market. Children 36 inches or taller can ride alone, while shorter ones need to be accompanied by an adult or guardian.


Our 2022 Americana Carousel is a must-ride for kids of all ages! This hand-painted 28-foot carousel puts an elegant twist on the classic merry-go-round. Majestic horses, zebras and tigers come to life, creating a magical ride that captivates the imagination.


The Scrambler is a classic Traders Village Houston ride. Step onto suspended spinning carriages and narrowly avoid neighboring carts. This pulse-pounding ride will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish!

Freddy’s Fender Bender

Who can resist the joy of bumper cars? Choose from a fleet of 14 cars, each featuring dual joy-stick controls that let you spin 360 degrees, maneuver left or right, and zoom forward or backward. Enjoy an interactive adventure where bumping into your buddies adds an extra layer of fun!

The Rumpus Room

Have a blast in the Rumpus Room, an interactive playground where little ones can play tag, chase, invent games and let their imaginations run wild! With so much to explore, each visit brings a new quest. No height requirement means kids of all ages can join in the excitement!

Experience Family-Friendly Amusement Rides in Houston!

Enjoy the ultimate destination for family fun at Trader’s Village! Explore more than 100 acres of open-air shopping and themed rides, with special events every weekend. Here, you can buy anything, from vintage jewelry to plants, electronics, clothes and even used furniture.

Stroll through endless shops, indulge in delicious food stands and have a blast with the kiddos. Don’t miss out – we’re open every Saturday and Sunday, so make sure to drop by!