The Rumpus Room

Houston Rumpus Room

Everyone loves a playground! So come enjoy the Rumpus Room at Traders Village. It is an interactive playground for kids of all ages. The Rumpus Room focuses on interaction activities,…

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Freddy’s Fender Bender

Houston Bumper Cars

Freddy Flea’s fourteen bumper cars feature dual joy-stick controls to spin 360 degrees, turn left or right, go forward or backward. Always fun to bump your buddy.

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Houston Scrambler ride

Suspended riders spinning in carriages experience the illusion that they will crash into other suspended, spinning carriages and the ride spins round and round. Suitable for riders 36″ and up,…

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Carousel ride

This 2022 Americana Carousel is fun for kids of all ages. Everyone loves to ride the carousel and there is not a better place than at Traders Village.

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Trackless Family Train

The “Dream” train which will amaze children of all ages. This trackless train will hold up to 24 children and will take you for a ride around the market. Height…

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Yoyo Ride

Yo-Yo dangles riders in swings and propels them round and round, creating a delightful feeling of freedom. In full whirlwind mode, Yo-Yo uses centrifugal force to create a circle of…

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Jumping Jumbos

Elephant kids ride

The Jumping Jumbos ride features a parade of eight flying elephants! The Jumbo elephants are directed by a conductor mouse located in the center of the ride. Great detail and…

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Bouncer ride

Is no-holds-barred experience that lifts its riders to the top of a 28-foot high tower. The riders then free-fall to earth only to be lifted up and dropped again and…

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Star Dancer

Star Dancer ride in Houston

Star Dancer combines a carousel and a gondola wheel in this family friendly ride. While traveling up the 80′ tower the carousel begins to rotate, continuing up the tower until…

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Pharaoh’s Fury

Pharaoh's Fury ride

Featuring a masthead that resembles the famous Egyptian Pharaoh, “King Tut,” PHARAOH’S FURY sweeps like a pendulum, racing back and forth in an arc that soars five stories above the…

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