San Antonio, TX

Dinosaur George Museum

Dinosaur George Museum
Located between 11th & 12th Street at Avenue D.
Behind the Blue Pavilion


Dinosaur George started setting up his Traveling Museum at Traders Village in. 2020 when Schools moved to In-Home learning and events were going away due to COVID.  Since he could not take his Traveling Museum to the schools as he has been doing for many years, he brought it to Traders Village.


He had such a HUGE response from visitors that he began renting a unit at Traders Village. But all his fossils were still waiting to be seen. So we began working with Dinosaur George to allow him a place to permanently set up an actual Dinosaur Fossil museum here at Traders Village.


Best of all….it‘s FREE to visit


Throughout the year, Dinosaur George will bring in unique items to his Museum to keep it fresh and interesting. He also will broadcast his Podcast live periodically from the store.  It’s going to be VERY exciting having this as an added attraction to Traders Village.


Dinosaur George” Blasing is a self taught paleontologist and animal behaviorist with more than 40 years of study and research. Blasing is a public speaker, author, and television host and writer who has performed live to over 4 million people and has lectured in over 4000 museums, schools and public events. He is the writer, co-creator and host of JURASSIC FIGHT CLUB on the History Channel. Dinosaur George is a highly respected and sought after public figure who shares his love of “all things prehistoric” with throngs of enthusiastic fans.


Admission to the Dinosaur Museum is FREE.
Just come in and enjoy.
Dinosaur George wants to nurture everyone’s love for DINOS.
He also has inexpensive merchandise, toys and trinkets. As well as fossils and gems to purchase.

If you or your child LOVES Dinosaurs as much as George does….then this is the THE place for you!!!