Dos and Don’ts of Outdoor Flea Market Shopping

The Dos and Don’ts of Outdoor Flea Market Shopping

Before you head to the flea market, you will want to learn how to make the most out of the day. You can enhance your experience and learn how to get some of the best deals if you follow some of the dos and don’ts of outdoor flea market shopping.

12 Dos of Outdoor Flea Market Shopping

If you are looking for a great family day value, outdoor flea markets are just the place to shop and have fun. Here are a few shopping tips:

1. Do some research before going. You can browse some flea market websites to see what kind of vendors they have and what items they have in stock. You will also want to find out what the hours of the market are and if you need money for parking.

2. Familiarize yourself with the market’s layout. You may be able to find a map of the property online to study before you head out. Some flea markets have permanent booths and special items in special areas. Reviewing the layout will help save you time and get you to the areas you want to shop most.

3. Be an early bird. You will want to go early and on the first day of the market or the first day of a new vendor that you are interested in to browse the best selection.

4. Return at the end of the market’s last day. You may be able to find the best deals and discounts on items.

5. Bring your cash. Many vendors will not take credit or debit cards. You will want to bring the amount of money you are willing to spend for the day and bring plenty of smaller bills in case some sellers cannot break a large bill.

6. Know your prices. As you are browsing around the market, you will want to compare prices with regular stores to make sure you are getting a good deal. If there are specific items you are looking for, be sure to do a little market research on them before you go.

7. Dress comfortably. Be sure to wear comfortable clothes fit for the weather of the day. Dressing in lightweight layers that you can add or remove will help you stay comfortable as the temperature changes throughout the day.

8. Wear comfortable shoes. Make sure you put on walking shoes before heading to the flea market for a day of shopping. You will want to wear ones that are broken in or you will have painful feet by the end.

9. Bring something to drink if it is allowed. Shopping can make you thirsty and you will want to stay hydrated so you can make the most of the day. You may bring water or coffee with you so you can save money on purchasing items you want.

10. Bring a few tools to help you shop smartly. A collapsible cart will help you shop hands-free as you push it around and browse the booths. Bring a tape measure so you can make sure that special item will fit where you are imagining it and that you can get it through your front door. You may bring a screwdriver and batteries so you can test items before purchasing. Bring color swatches if

you are trying to match an item you already have.

11. Plan to have lunch while shopping. Many outdoor flea markets have food trucks or food courts with delicious, usually local cuisine.

12. Bring the whole family and plan for an entire day of fun! Many outdoor complexes offer festivities, rides, and food along with hundreds of feet of shopping opportunity. Your children will enjoy the fun rides and browsing the numerous toys offered at discount prices.

6 Don’ts of Outdoor Flea Market Shopping

Remember NOT to do the following things while flea market shopping:

1. Be afraid to make an offer. If the price of an item seems too high, haggle a little. Seasoned flea market vendors are used to it, and they usually build a little negotiating room into the price tag.

2. Expose your valuables. Most flea markets are safe and family-friendly, but it is wise to conceal your money and valuables while shopping to avoid theft.

3. Walk away from something you love. If you find an item that you must have and it the right price, go ahead and purchase it. Someone else may be eyeing it also. If you leave the item, it may be purchased by the time you return.

4. Bring your pet unless allowed. Some flea markets only allow service animals, so call beforehand to find out if you can bring your dog. If you are permitted to bring your pet, be respectful of other shoppers by picking up after it.

5. Pass on an item that needs work. If you find a treasure that you really want but it just needs a little work, purchase it if you are able. Cosmetic repairs can be simple to fix.

6. Leave the market too early. Closing hours may be the best time to find incredible deals. Many vendors want to lower their stock and make money before closing. You may find the best bargains by holding out until the end.

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